I enjoy giving talks about my research and topics I am passionate about. In the last years I was invited to give 15 talks all over the world. In this page you can find the slides and the videos for most of them.

Use of Social Media to Monitor and Predict Outbreaks and Public Opinion on Health Topics
University of Iowa, PhD Thesis

The world in which we live has changed rapidly over the last few decades. Threats of bioterrorism, influenza pandemics, and emerging infectious diseases coupled with unprecedented population mobility led to the development of public...

I am Italian, we don't do Ethics
DDD2013 - International Conference on Digital Diseases Detection (San Francisco, CA)

Social Media are used more and more in computational research, often exposing private data without the user permission. This short presentation is part of a discussion that we had on the topic at DDD2013.

AchieveMint - Reward Platform for Healthy Activities
HealthRefactored 2.0 (San Jose, CA)

In this presentation I introduce the inner workings of AchieveMint, a reward platform for healthy activities, and show some success measures. I also offer ideas on how to acquire new health related data and speak...

Introduction to the AchieveMint Reward Platform
StartupSB (Santa Barbara, CA)

In this presentation I introduce the inner workings of AchieveMint, a reward platform for healthy activities, and show some success measures.

Big Data, Industry and Disease Survelliance
IMED 2013 (Vienna, Austria)

Data is very valuable and many companies already understood it and are making large use of their own to increase sales. Similarly, data can be also very valuable for the medical scientific community. They can...

I Want a Toilet that Sends Me Emails
DDD2012 - International Conference on Digital Diseases Detection (Boston, MA)

The Internet really changed the life of people and the amount of data that each of us produces directly or indirectly continues to increase. Often times you do not need millon dollar budgets to have...

Inferring Travel from Social Media
ISDS 2011 - 10th Annual Conference of International Society for Disease Surveillance

To use sequential, geocoded social media data as a proxy for human movement to support both disease surveillance and modeling.

Using the Internet for Diseases Forecasting
Center for Biosecurity of UPMC (Baltimore, MD)

People upload millions of tweets, posts, images and checkins on the Internet every day. All these data that can be used for digital forecasting of diseases. In this talk I introduce some of the ideas...

The Future of Digital Advertising
BLUR Conference 2011 (Denver, CO)

Computer Vision and Face Detection technologies are about to change the way we do digital advertising. It is now possible to do in real life what Google has done with online ads. In this talk...

Using Twitter to Estimate H1N1 Influenza Activity
ISDS 2010 - 9th Annual Conference of International Society for Disease Surveillance

This paper describes a system that uses Twitter to estimate influenza-like illness levels by geographic region.

Practical Introduction to Machine Learning and Optimization
OneRiot HQ (Boulder, CO)

In this talk I introduce some simple concepts of machine learning and optimization that can be used with freely available tools and without lots of domain knowledge to perform classification, ranking and scoring of search...

Social Web Information Monitoring for Health
University of Iowa, Comprehensive Exam

In the “Web 2.0” where every user is at the same time a producer and a consumer. The studies presented in this report demonstrated a high level of correlation between social activities performed online and...

Searching the Social Network: Future of Internet Search
Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group (Boulder, CO)

Search Engines need to change and adapt to the complex and fast changing Internet generated by all the user posts on social networks. In this talk I describe what this world looks like right now...

The Anatomy of a Real-Time Search Engine
AltSearchEngine Conference (San Francisco, CA)

Normal search engines use batch processes to swipe the web, parse pages and index their content. In the fast paced real-time web, created through the links shared by millions of people everywhere that is a...

A Survey of Ranking Algorithms
University of Iowa, Qualifying Exam

The role of ranking algorithms is thus crucial: select the pages that are most likely be able to satisfy the user’s needs, and bring them in the top positions. In this survey I will cover...