Here is a collection of videos from my speeches. Unfortunately they are not many (only 7 for now), but I hope you will find them interesting.

[Rai 3] Report - Health 4.0
Santa Barbara, CA

My cofounder Luca Foschini and I have been interviewed by the prestigious Italian news show Report for an episode on the future of medicine and healthcare.

How Freezing Cold and Tornadoes made me an AI-powered Medical Superhero
University of Pisa (Pisa, IT)

This is the story of what happened to me after leaving the University of Pisa. I battled freezing cold and tornadoes while getting my PhD in Iowa, ran technology for the 4th largest web search...

Be a Superhero, Study Computer Science
University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Studying Computer Science will open many life opportunities. It will allow you to make lots of money in finance, improve medicine, or even just make life easier and better for everyone. I was honored to...

I am Italian, we don't do Ethics
DDD2013 - International Conference on Digital Diseases Detection (San Francisco, CA)

Social Media are used more and more in computational research, often exposing private data without the user permission. This short presentation is part of a discussion that we had on the topic at DDD2013.

AchieveMint - Reward Platform for Healthy Activities
HealthRefactored 2.0 (San Jose, CA)

In this presentation I introduce the inner workings of AchieveMint, a reward platform for healthy activities, and show some success measures. I also offer ideas on how to acquire new health related data and speak...

Big Data, Industry and Disease Survelliance
IMED 2013 (Vienna, Austria)

Data is very valuable and many companies already understood it and are making large use of their own to increase sales. Similarly, data can be also very valuable for the medical scientific community. They can...

I Want a Toilet that Sends Me Emails
DDD2012 - International Conference on Digital Diseases Detection (Boston, MA)

The Internet really changed the life of people and the amount of data that each of us produces directly or indirectly continues to increase. Often times you do not need millon dollar budgets to have...